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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

That time.

It's that time again. Hopefully for the last time. :)

Only two classes to review today, but can I just mention how unexpectedly exhausting it is to work three-and-a-half hours in Korean, on my feet, after a full day at school? I love, love, love being an MTC teacher and I wouldn't trade it for the world (seriously), but it does require just about every ounce of energy, focus, and self-control I have, so I crashed pretty hard after driving home at 5 today. And TTh are my "easy" days...

ANES 238: History of the Ancient Near East to 330 BC. I had to get up early and beg the professor to hear me out, as I have a conflicting class that precludes me from being able to attend the first half hour of every period, but he seems relatively reasonable, so hopefully we'll work something out. Lots of dry readings, but interesting lectures, and seeing transcriptions of Arabic place names is rekindling my love for that language. I'm starting to miss it and might audit a section!

KOR 302: Third Year Korean, Part 2. The course was listed under a professor I know and like, so to walk in and see a visiting faculty member having picked up the class was a bit of a disappointment. I like my original teacher because she understands RMs' advanced language capabilities, and our exchange professor, though very sweet, talks at the slowest speed of all time and still asks, "Can you understand? Should I speak more slowly?" If she doesn't speed up, I'll kill myself. It doesn't look to be a particularly difficult class, which is good for my schedule, but to be honest, kind of disappoints me. I'm one of only three girls in there, though, which is kind of cool.

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